The Theory of Constraints (and How it Relates to Building an Exceptional Architecture Practice)

The broken zipper in your firm?

When we enter the conversation of building an exceptional firm that empowers your ability to create exceptional architecture, we need to break this conversation down into smaller pieces.

In his book The Goal, management consultant Eliyahu Goldratt talks about the Theory of Constraints.

The Theory of Constraints states that the throughput of any system is limited by the weakest link of that system.

I was reminded of this on a recent surfing trip to the beach with my kids. We brought along a new, flexible fabric cooler to keep our food cool.

Unfortunately, the pull on the zipper broke – rendering this $200 cooler completely useless.

This is a perfect example of how the Theory of Constraints effects a system.

Because the zipper pull was so weak, it had a catastrophic effect on the entire system (the cooler).

What I’d have you consider today is … where is the weak zipper in your system?

Carpe diem!




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