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In this tutorial, we will show you the simplest way to create a tower like this that has two different facade components. External facade with rectangular and the inner one with triangular modules. We will play with the box form by subtracting it from the void shape which will be created based on the input curves. These input curves would in fact dictate the final shape and look of our project.

In the extended version of this tutorial, we are going to continue building up our project. We are specifically going to focus on bringing more realism to the building by transforming floor surfaces to 3D geometry that is not intersecting with the facade. Also, we are going to increase the thickness of the inner and external facade panels and making sure that we get a clean model at the end.

The second part of the tutorial will be focused on rendering and animation with V-Ray. First, we will set the Vray clipping plane and apply V-Ray materials. Then you will learn how to animate the clipping plane and how to create animation from the section cuts. You can watch this on our Patreon page and support our work at the same time. With that, you will also get access to all our extended tutorials and project files.

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