The Rally – Part 17 – Robert Maxwell

Lecture date: 1976-07-12

The Rally: Celebrating the Art and Wit of Architecture: an event held at Art Net during the heatwave of July 1976. During the few years of its effervescent existence under Peter Cook’s curatorship, Art Net was part art gallery, part architectural exhibition space, and part tribal gathering for various ‘scenes’. Alongside the publication of the magazine Net, the space on West Central Street hosted a series of notable exhibitions, talks, and conferences. Peter Cook described Art Net as ‘a kind of ad hoc institution where we hope that the people who are talking will knock up against one another’ – a hope repeatedly fulfilled during the two weeks of The Rally.

Robert Maxwell on provocation and niceness, examining form, meaning, and language. Through a critical analysis of Barthes semiotics Maxwell discusses notions of rhetoric and the traditional British attraction to things opposed to a continental engagement with ideas. Followed by Q & A.



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