The Feed: Is Art School Worth The Price? Pt 1

(We hope our onscreen antics are a refreshing break from the rigors of creative business. Regardless, we value your time!)

Pt 2:

Chris Do and Jose Caballer join us again on The Feed to discuss the overall impact the pursuit of higher education has on creatives seeking to hone their craft. College is quickly becoming a highly controversial topic for those looking to establish themselves in any given professional field with regards to results and yields, and art school is undoubtedly at the top of that list.

So if not college, then what? The extremely high cost of modern universities feels so prohibitive, but how else can a young creative get access to the skills and human resources that are required to get a job or work in today’s highly competitive creative marketplace. Many attend schools (not The Skool!) and still struggle to find decent work afterward, instead electing to take low-paying jobs in retail or the service industry just to survive.

Believe it or not, there are plenty of alternatives. Mentorship, apprenticeship, online classes, and personal/professional networking can all provide you the same benefit at a fraction of the price. You just have to be willing to learn independently and become the self-taught success story.


00:50 Q: Is there a better way to get an education?
01:50 Q: If you were able to network before going to design school, would enrolling have mattered?
03:47 Breakdown: The price of a design school education
06:01 Jose’s POV: Learn UX/UI, Take Design Courses a la carte and get a studio apprenticeship.
06:20 Chris’s POV: Become a lifetime learner & seek mentors.

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