The Dreamers: Lucia Liu

The Dreamers profiles women who have imagined their careers into being, usually in opposition to the cultural zeitgeist. In this three part series, intrepid creatives explain how, by either taking the road less travelled or carving out entirely new paths for themselves, their outward success has transpired from inward imagining.

Lucia Liu has quickly established herself as one of China’s most sought-after designers and celebrity stylists, with clients ranging from Mandopop singer-songwriter Bibi Zhou, actor Zhao Liying and luxury retail brand Lane Crawford.

With an insatiable appetite for creative expression without barriers and a robust work ethic without rules, Liu began her career as style director at Harper’s Bazaar China. But since then the indefatigable designer has appeared as a judge for China’s Next Top Model, founded a bespoke creative studio, and is currently executive deputy editor-in-chief & fashion director of The New York Times T Magazine China.

Liu is one of the most influential fashion designers of her generation who simultaneously breaks the rules while learning from tradition. The stimulus behind her work comes from the harmonious pairing of her rural upbringing with city living, which is reflected in the visual language of her work and this film. “Lots of elements inspire me,” says Liu, who works between Beijing and London. “I love nature, color, flowers, romantic parks…all the things of old Beijing. But I also love its futurism and hard shapes.”

Liu has previously described her style as “a process of assembling from creative chaos,” an attitude that director William Kennedy evokes in this final episode of The Dreamers. As Liu discusses her artistic process, Kennedy captures abstract elements—such as archival film, a futurist fashion muse and Super 8 footage—to create rich, evolving imagery that compliments Liu’s own dynamic style.


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