The Basics Of Studium And Punctum In Photo – A Phlearn Video Tutorial

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The Studium and the Punctum

Studium is the element that initially gets your attention. It can be colors, a cool background, a pose, really anything. But the punctum is what Roland describes as the thing that “pricks or bruises.” It’s that rare detail that makes the viewer feel something and pushes the photo even further. The punctum can be an object or expression on someone’s face, something you wouldn’t naturally expect that makes the image more effective.

Today’s Episode Timeline

0:20 -Roland Barthes
1:35 – Defining the terms
2:20 – Analyzing how Katerina Plotnikova uses this principle and more explanation
7:00 – Ways to use a punctum
9:30 – How it can make the image
10:00 – Philosopher you
How can you can apply this to your own work?

A punctum can be anything. If you are looking for ideas try going to through a magazine and looking at random objects then adding that element into one of your photos. Consider what this object could symbolize and how it will change your image to create a narrative .

Show us some examples

Have you used this same idea without realizing it? What are some other artists that use a punctum? .


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