The Award-Winning Home of an Architect That Unites Architecture, Art, Design and Craft (House Tour)

Located near central Melbourne with a view towards the Yarra River, Kew Residence is home of an architect that unites architecture, art, design and craft. Designed by and for John Wardle of John Wardle Architects, the architecture and interior design is intricately detailed, with emphasis placed on materiality and bespoke elements. The house is positioned to appear as part of the natural landscape of elm trees on the site, in a way that reflects the respect for nature inherent in Japanese design.

The architect’s love of the Japanese artefact is depicted in the forms and specifications within the interior design and architecture. Throughout the house, custom Japanese tiles are used as a measure, with spaces designed in response to the size, shape and aesthetic of the tiling. The kitchen walls feature a scalloped tile from the Tajimi Valley in Japan. A downstairs space known as the Bamboo Forest Room features tiles produced in a singular kiln in the Tajimi Valley. Each piece is slightly different, creating a varied and beautiful result that reflects the uniqueness and simplicity of Japanese artefacts. The master bathroom contains a mix of Agape products and INAX ceramic tiles, with a Nivis basin and Cristalplant bathtub completing its luxurious, organic materiality.

As the home of an architect, sculptural features are given equal weight to functional elements. The house displays John Wardle’s love of narrative, with personal stories contained in the customised interior design, an example being a table that tells the tale of a tea tray the architect purchased as a student.

As is often seen with the home of an architect, every detail of this house has been carefully considered with bespoke elements, play of light and aesthetic effects taking precedence.

Architecture and Interior Design by John Wardle Architects.
Stone, Tiles and Bathware from Artedomus.
Construction by Overend Construction.
Photography by Gavin Green.
Filmed and Edited by Cheer Squad Film Co.
Production by The Local Project.

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