Sporting-led regeneration: the role of sport facilities in London today

In the 15 years, there has been a massive amount of change relating to sports stadia in the capital. Central to this has been the Olympics, and a new home for West Ham along with new world class swimming, cycling and hockey facilities, as well as white water at Broxbourne.

So, given this remarkable level of investment and change, the NLA is keen to consider the impact of all this. We have brought together a fascinating range of speakers and panellists to consider the following questions and discuss both the lessons learned and the future, affected currently by the pandemic.

Are new sport stadia acting as a catalyst for regeneration of local areas? What lessons have been learned from those that have successfully opened? What is the upside of moving to a new location as opposed to redeveloping the existing stadium? How has the gradual redevelopment of places like Lords worked? What does the future look like for sports clubs?

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