SoCo modern pendant by Tech Lighting (An Architect’s Review)

A review of SoCo (sockets and cords) pendant light by Tech Lighting. Links to products mentioned:

Lighting should reinforce the story the architecture is telling. In the studio project it’s about flexibility and authenticity.

– In the studio the lights can be raised or lowered and set in alignment with the long axis of the structure or perpendicular to it depending on the use of the interior space. We’ve mounted four swag hooks on the ceiling to allow for multiple positions of the fixtures. While most pendant fixtures are fixed in both height and location, these remain moveable and so they’re great for spaces that demand flexibility.
– Pendant lights are often selected as expressive objects – a chandelier for example. These are different, their design highlights the luminaire – the bulb – whether that’s a spot, a flood, linear, Edison….

For me, this fits well with this project because it’s an authentic attitude. It’s a simple expression of the functional nature of lighting which requires a bulb and wiring to power that bulb. Much like the siding and the interior finishes here it’s expressive of a simple and direct attitude toward exposing the components of construction.

– Changing the bulb changes the feel of the fixture, as does raising or lowering it or cladding it with different shading devices.

– Much like the changing nature of the apertures in the studio which recall the concept of the structure – a lens for the seasons – the lights can dramatically change the mood of the space depending on how they’re configured.

– Adding dimmers is important for flexibility as well.

Modern SoCo pendant fixture by Tech Lighting
SoCo system shorthand for, “Sockets and Cords”
– Accepts med base lamps up to 150We

This is an a la carte system of design with ability to modify the components:
(9) cord colors
(7) finishes
(3) standard lengths (8, 16, 24’)
Cluster configurations
Socket style : modern + vintage
Price: $90-130 / fixture
Swag hooks are ~$30

Pros (+)
1) Low cost
2) Well made
3) Range of options and finishes mean they’ll play well in a broad aesthetic range
4) Matching swag hooks / accessories

Cons (-):
1) Cord doesn’t hang straight

Please watch: “Inside My Sketchbook + An Architect’s Sketching Tools”



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