Skool OS CORE Webinar Core Brand Attributes

Join us for the CORE Strategy Bootcamp on Fri & Sat, June 27th & 28th, 2014
In this 1 hour webinar Chris Do and Jose Caballer share the first exercise in the Skool OS CORE framework by doing the exercise with designer Eric Graves


9:05 How Angie uses the core framework to boost her business
13:57 What is the CORE?
17:32 Why CORE is better than the market research guessing game
21:29 Defining the brand
39:16 CORE gives you the ability to see yourself as others do and better define who you want to become
49:48 Who you invite into the facilitation process is crucial
56:47 How to gain confidence in facilitating the CORE when you are first getting started

43:53 What if the results of the exercise are not who the business owners/decision makers want them to be?
48:58 Why is doing the customer definition before the brand attributes exercise useful?

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