SketchUp Speed Build and Tutorial – Modeling a Tractor Wheel

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Sometimes the best way to learn how to use SketchUp is to watch someone else model. 7 years ago, the official SketchUp channel released a video showing how to model a tractor ( This is the first part of my attempt to model a tractor based on photos I took and using tactics from that video.

Tools used in this video include the circle tool, the push pull tool, the offset tool, the polygon tool, the scale tool, and the rotate tool. This model was made much easier with the use of components.

If you have any questions about anything in the video, leave a comment below and I’ll try to answer them.

0:23 – Importing an image as a basis for my model

0:33 – Getting the size right with the circle tool

0:41 – Creating depth with the push pull tool

1:05 – Give your wheel shape with the scale tool

1:12 – Building the rim with push/pull, scale and offset

1:40 – Drawing bolts with the polygon tool, components, and rotated copy mode

2:13 – Detailing the center of your wheel with lines, faces and the push pull tool

2:58 – Drawing treads with hidden geometry

3:35 – Using components and the rotate tool to create your treads

4:12 – Using the SketchUp move tool in copy mode to create the back side of your wheel

4:26 – Use the rotate tool to make your treads line up properly

4:38 – Use the SketchUp scale tool to set your thickness

4:48 – Adjusting treads with the move tool


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