SketchUp for Creators – Izzy Swan | The Fireside Chat Series Season 2 Ep. 3

SketchUp is more than just a design tool, it’s a tool for creating. In this episode of the Fireside Chat Series, we sit down with Izzy Swan (@izzyswan_woodworking) and explore how he’s used SketchUp to grow his business and produce amazing CNC creations. Whatever industry you’re in, you’re sure to pick up a few tips and tricks from this inventor.

What is the Fireside Chat Series?

To keep your SketchUp skills sharp — and to give you a little weekly entertainment, we’re hosting a (free) 8-week virtual series that brings together the community and some of the best SketchUp leaders from around the world. The format is fun, laid-back, and educational. It’s everything you love about learning at 3D Basecamp, with that virtual flair that you’ve come to know and love. To learn more visit:

Watch on Crowdcast:

0:00 Live music
9:45 Episode introduction
21:37 Guest interview & game
41:22 Guest presentation
1:03:44 Live Q&A with crowd
1:10:42 Words of wisdom/weekly farewell


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