Showing my 2020 Logo Design Work! (Client Rewind 2020)

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2020 has been a huge year for me with logo design client work! Not only has the world been turned upside down for a lot of people in the design industry, it’s been crazy busy!

This year we’ve worked with some of the most amazing clients and it’s a personal joy to work with so many different companies, from startups to large corporations.
In this video Will Paterson shows his logo design work from 2020. Although the logos look like the full extent of work, the rest of the work including the brand strategy and guidelines and prototyping were worked on during the design process.

2020 has been a sad year for many, but this has turned out (for many designers) to be an opportunity to make good changes to the world, businesses and ourselves.

If you would like to see more videos where Will Paterson show’s his logo design process and past work then let us know down in the comments section below!

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0:24 The Apian Way Branding
5:08 Brooks Told Explanation
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