Secret Power of Introverts— Being A Great Listener ep. 4

How can being an introvert be a strength and not a weakness? In a modern society, being an introvert is seen as a liability. This is particularly difficult for creative types who tend to be more introverted. Why you should own who you are.

This is the Futur of Education— Disrupting the design education paradigm. Mid-point check in with Rebecca.

01:33 Melissa & Rebecca meetup recap
03:45 Do you find the conversation to be more approachable?
04:56 So much of our world is shaped by the lens that we interpret it with.
06:33 I feel that you can change a lot about who you are
08:05 There’s a power in becoming a good listener and being deliberate in what you say.
09:54 If you change the way you look at things, the things that you look at will change.
10:06 Q: Is there a particular book that helped you with this change?
14:40 Q: Can you share who your business coach was?
15:50 Develop a selective filter process, that takes critical information, keeps what is useful and filters out the negative stuff.
16:09 Vision Board: The more clearly that you define your goals, the likelier you are to achieve them.
19:14 The fear of disappointing other people can be a greater motivation than your own mortality.
23:47 Mental Jiu-Jitsu: I’ve learned how to use and redirect energy in different ways
24:36 Shift your focus away from how you will be seen, to how you can help others
25:50 What would you do if you couldn’t fail?
28:27 How has your outreach efforts and random acts of kindness been going?
30:39 Practice the art of small talk.
34:20 Ego leads to self-judgment and critical self-talk.
34:55 The source of most of our sadness and despair are our expectations.
38:00 By focusing on your anxiety, you only increase it. Focus on something else.
42:20 Summary & Outro

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