Rounding Shapes in SketchUp with RoundCorner – SketchUp Plugin of the Week #13

This week’s SketchUp extension of the week allows you to round and bevel the corners of objects.
Short Intro
SketchUp is a really good modeling software for creating shapes with polygons. However, sometimes, you need to take your polygons and round them out to make softer, more complete shapes. This week’s extension gives you the ability to bevel and round edges in your model.
Plugin Name: RoundCorner
Plugin Developer: Fredo6
How Much does it cost? Free! Please donate to your developer.
Where do you get it?
It’s located in the SketchUcation extension warehouse. You can also follow the link at .
Tool Functions
This tool is a plugin designed to help you create rounded and beveled corners.
As with most Fredo6 extensions, it has a number of options that allow you to see what your changes will look like in real time.
You can select all the faces in a group, or individual faces to round off.
You can set the offset for rounding, and the plugin will provide you a preview of how large the offset is.
You can also set the number of segments that are created in your round edges, allowing you to easily manage the number of faces created in your model.
It has 3 basic functions – round corner in 3d, sharp corner in 3d, and bevel.
Roundcorner and sharp corner are very similar. The difference is the way they actually handle intersecting corner geometry.
Roundcorner creates a curve on the exterior corners, while sharp corner brings the corners to a point.
Bevel will take the edges of the faces selected and create a simple bevel – a single diagonal cut instead of a rounding effect.
This plugin is great for taking shapes and rounding them off so they look finished. It’s easy to use and has a lot of options. The only thing to be careful of is to watch the number of faces you’re creating in your model.
This extension is free – there’s no reason to not download it and try it out! Please remember to donate to the developer.
Ease of Use/Documentation
This is a fairly easy to use plugin. I found it fairly intuitive. There are a number of options in the menu that I didn’t really need, but it’s easy to skip over them and simply do what you want. I had no problem figuring out how to use this plugin.
This is a great extension for finishing your geometry. It can take hard objects and soften them, and it can help you merge intersecting shapes to make them look more organic. As with most extensions from Fredo6, it can be an essential tool in your toolbox!
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