Robotic arms create custom furniture in Robochop installation by Kram/Weisshaar

    In this movie filmed by Dezeen in Munich, Clemens Weisshaar of Kram/Weisshaar explains how the design studio’s Robochop project allows online users around the world to harness the power of a robotic arm.

    Launched in March this year at the CeBIT technology trade show, the Robochop project by Stockholm-based Reed Kram and Munich designer Clemens Weisshaar allows people anywhere in the world to remotely carve a bespoke sculpture or piece of furniture out of a 50-square-centimetre cube of foam.

    “There are more than 1.5 million robotic arms working on this planet right now and usually they do quite boring repetitive tasks,” Weisshaar says. “What we’re trying to do is make full use of the potential, which is to do different things each time you use them.”

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