Roberto Gottardi (June 18, 2003)

Hernan Diaz Alonso introduces Cuban architect Roberto Gottardi.

Gottardi lectures in Spanish, and is translated by an interpreter.

Gottardi reviews his background in Italy, his arrival in Cuba in 1960, his architectural influences including Carlo Scarpa and Ernesto Nathan Rogers. Gottardi describes the unique situation in Cuba after the revolution, and how he and Vittorio Garatti and Ricardo Porro came to design the five National Schools of Art in Havana. Gottardi recalls they were criticized for not being representative of the revolution, and the plans for more schools across the country were canceled. Gottardi presents in detail his building, the School of Dramatic Arts, which was left unfinished in 1965.

Gottardi discusses the Command Post of Agriculture in Menocal, outside of Havana, in which prefabricated elements are deployed organically. Gottardi describes the Theater Stage for Contemporary Dance, stressing the distinction between architectural space and stage space.

Gottardi describes the “Prado y Neptuno” restaurant in detail, covering the architecture, interior design and furniture design. Gottardi argues that enriching the analysis enriches the projects, i.e. gets more immersed in Cuban culture.


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