RIBA Stirling Prize: 15 Clerkenwell Close

15 Clerkenwell Close, London

15 Clerkenwell Close’s non descriptive title belies the astonishing architectural triumph that dwells at the simple address, occupying a plot of land a stones throw from Clerkenwell Green. The 7 storey building is the architect’s own development comprising one or two flats per floor, a double height architect’s studio at basement and ground, and the architect’s home on the top floor.

It is clear hearing the architect talk about the project, including a lengthy analysis of the history of the site dating back to an c.11th Norman Abbey, that the thoroughness and care that has gone into every thought and every inch of the project, crossed the border of obsession very early in the process. The result is a truly bespoke, hand crafted work of art, but one that has a grace and balance suggesting that the obsession was harnessed rather than letting the madness in.

Visit our website to learn about the RIBA Stirling Prize: https://www.architecture.com/awards-and-competitions-landing-page/awards/riba-stirling-prize

Image credit: Tim Soar



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