RIBA Gulf Social Media Student Campaign: Promoting the importance of architecture – Tasneem

Tasneem Khaled Elmandouh, an architecture student from Abu Dhabi University, discusses how society impacts the architecture community in Abu Dhabi.

“As part of my graduation thesis, I studied how cities’ architecture is affected by multiculturalism. Abu Dhabi’s response to multiculturalism was having a common style of architecture instead of just conserving its architecture or completely erasing its identity. The growth of the city can be read through its architecture, and this impact is transferred to the citizens and visitors. We can see buildings that are being conserved from the old Abu Dhabi settlements as well as others that follow the global architectural style. Another cultural impact was combining all cultures to live together rather than dividing them into small groups and spreading the words of understanding, tolerance, and recognition to all cultures.” -Tasneem Khaled Elmandouh

This video was submitted by Tasneem Khaled Elmandouh as part of the RIBA Gulf Social Media Student Campaign.

The RIBA Gulf Social Media Student Campaign aims to raise awareness about the importance of social, cultural, and economic factors in architecture through social media engagement with students, architects, and built environment professionals.

Learn more about the latest events and initiatives from RIBA Gulf: https://www.architecture.com/gulf



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