RIBA Contracts Part 2: What should a form of appointment contain?

This panel discusses the essential terms to be included in all forms of appointments, some questions raised are:

1. What are you going to do?
2. What does the client want?
3. Is it achievable?
4. What is the fee?

Chaired by Jane Duncan, of Jane Duncan Architects and Interiors and Past President of the RIBA, and featuring Mark Klimt, Partner at DWF LLP and RIBA Specialist Practice Consultant on Contracts, Nigel Ostime from Hawkins/Brown and Chair of RIBA Client Liaison Group, Dieter Bentley-Gockmann from EPR Architects and Chair of RIBA Regulation & Standards Group and Barbara Kaucky from Erect Architecture and Chair of RIBA Small Practice Group.

Find out more about RIBA Contracts Digital: http://bit.ly/2LdK9hc



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