Revit MEP tutorial for complete beginners

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In this video, you will learn all about Revit MEP right from scratch in a step-by-step way.

You can download the lesson files used in this video here:

0:00 Introduction
1:08 Setting up models in Revit
07:45 Placement of a heat recovery unit (HRU)
09:42 Creating Ducts
12:32 Placement of air terminals
15:10 Placement of supply diffusers
17:42 Connecting the supply diffusers
20:24 Placement of return diffusers
23:20 Connecting the return diffusers
23:59 Running analysis for the HRU system
25:24 Preparing for electrical design in level 2
29:54 Placement of electrical panels
33:50 Working with electrical receptacles
39:58 Annotation of panels and electrical systems
43:09 Placement of electrical lighting system
49:38 Creating the electrical light switch and power system
53:49 Preparation for hot-cold water plumbing works
57:06 Placement of the main hot cold water pipes
1:01:39 Connecting sinks to the plumbing system
1:06:43 Showing disconnects and adding pipe insulation
1:09:20 Preparation for working with the sanitary and vent system
1:12:48 Creating the venting system connection
1:17:40 Running interference check


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