Revisiting CASE: Panel 3: Grays vs Whites: Prologue

Introduction: Rixt Woudstra
Moderator: Reinhold Martin
Panelists: Peter Eisenman, Thomas Vreeland

In our third panel we will discuss how this topic was revisited in CASE 8, which highlighted the group’s interest on psychology and form, particularly as led by Rowe and Slutzky. This meeting, organized in New York and hosted by MoMA, led to the production of the polemical Five Architects book. Yet while some members were interested in exploring form as an autonomous language, others increasingly mined history as a formal resource. Parallel, or perhaps core to this discussion, was the construction of the discipline as a theoretical endeavor, in opposition to a focus on architecture as practice. These different positions came to a head in an event organized and populated by CASE members: “The Whites and the Grays” conference, which also pointed to the tensions between east and west coast practices as well as disagreements between the faction who preferred “practice” as opposed to “theory”.


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