Rethinking Affordability – SMALL FOOTPRINT – Ep 4

Small footprint design presents an opportunity to radically change our approach to affordable housing. Not only on the scale of individual apartments but also in the planning of our city blocks and existing buildings. Throughout these areas, Rob McGauran see’s large amounts of ‘lazy land’, space that could easily be occupied by uniquely designed affordable housing that brings those in need into our communities, rather than moving them into high rise towers. In Amsterdam, Heren 5 has designed a unique neighbourhood of housing units, featuring tailored apartments fit for different stages of life. In a post-COVID world, with housing becoming less affordable in many places, these projects are designed to bring a diverse range of people together in areas that they may have been unable to access, and build new communities as the way we live changes.

0:00 – Intro with Rob McGauran and Colin
1:02 – Paty Rios of Happy City
1:34 – Designing small footprint social housing on empty land
5:00 – What is social housing like?
5:55 – How do we build better affordable housing
7:10 – Social housing in Amsterdam
10:53 – Outro with Colin

Supported by Screen Australia & Youtube through the Skip Ahead Initiative

Produced by New Mac Video Agency
Directed & Presented by: Colin Chee
Producer: Luke Clark
Cinematographer: Simon Davies
Editor: Jessica Ruasol

Tomorrow by ANBR
Anima by Enzalla
Voyager by Marshall Usinger
Bombus by REW
Devotion by Dear Gravity
Coriolis by REW
Whose Mark Is the Hare by REW


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