Rendering SketchUp Models with Twilight Render – Plugin of the Week #42

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In today’s SketchUp extension overview video, we’re going to talk about a free photorealistic rendering extension.
This week’s extension, selected by my Patreon supporters, is Twilight Render!
Plugin Name – Twilight Render
Plugin Developer – Twilight Render
Plugin Cost – Hobby Version – $0, Pro Version – $99
You can get it by visiting or by searching Twilight Render in the SketchUp extension warehouse.
Tool Functions –
Photorealistic rendering is basically taking light and applying it to your model to create a more realistic image.
As most of you know, there are a lot of different photorealistic rendering extensions for SketchUp that can range both in power and in cost.
There are both free rendering programs and programs that can cost upwards of $2-3000. In addition, some run as separate, stand alone programs, and some work as a plugin within SketchUp.
A while ago, I wanted to start teaching people how to work with rendering software. I ended up going with twilight render both because it has a free version, but also because it doesn’t cut back on your features.
It’s very easy to use – it comes with a material editor for making edits to your material, a tool for adding lights to your model, as well as a full featured environment editor.
It comes with a series of presets for your renders as well, allowing you to quickly run test renders, as well as high quality final renderings.
It can also render animations.
Overall, the reason my first series on rendering in SketchUp was done in Twilight Render is because it’s easy to use, and it’s free and contains about all the features a beginner could need to create renderings.
I’ll link to my series on getting started in rendering in Twilight down below – download it and give it a try today!


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