Rendering in SketchUp – Using Materials to Create a Photorealistic Rendering with Twilight Render

In this video, we talk about adding materials to your SketchUp model, then rendering them using Twilight Render. In this step by step tutorial, we’ll talk about working with light, materials, and Twilight Render’s settings to create a photorealistic image! Today’s video will teach you how to use materials in your renderings to make them more realistic!
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In this week’s rendering tutorial, we’re going to set up our scene for rendering and work with materials, so let’s go ahead and just jump into it.
As always, I’m doing my rendering tutorials in Twilight Render as the hobby version has the free features required so that people can follow along for free. You can download twilight render for free at .
So the first thing we’re going to do is set up our scene.
We’ll draw a wood base, then a couple shapes on top of it.
Now what we’re going to do is start applying materials to it (just basic SketchUp materials).
For right now, we’re just going to use colors.
So just apply different colors to each of your materials.
Now we’ll do a quick test render. To do this, click the little green render button. A window will pop up. In the “render preset” dropdown, select 01. Prelim. This will give us a really fast render just so we can see what everything will look like.
As you can see, it’s not very interesting.
So what we’re going to do is go in and select material presets for each one of these materials to make them a bit more interesting.
Now let’s run another test render.
It’s getting better.
The problem now, though, is that our environment is wrong. Remember that Twilight takes light and applies it to our model to create a rendering.
Let’s go into our environment editor and change our environment. You can see that our model right now is using the physical sky from SketchUp to create our rendering. What we’re going to do instead is use a Spherical Sky. A spherical sky is basically a light setting that SketchUp will use to apply light to our model.
We’re going to go download a sky that’s specifically designed for renderings like this.
To do this, we’re going to visit Kerkythea’s resource page. Kerkythea is another free rendering program, and they also have some great free resources. Navigate down to the Studio Light by Rayman option. Download this file, unzip it, and then we’re going to select it in our environment section.
Now let’s run our render again. Just about perfect, right?
The one thing we need to do is adjust our exposure. Exposure will adjust how bright our image is. This is found in the post processing section on the bottom right corner of your page. Post processing is processing that is done to your image separate from the rendering process.
Run your exposure up to about 2 and see if you like your image. Play around with this until you find an image that’s right for you!
Finally, if you want to save a copy of your rendered image, just use the save as button!
That’s where I’m going to end today’s video.

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