Removing Notorious Edge Glows or HDR Halos in Photoshop

Learn how to remove those ugly halos or white edge glows caused by HDR processing or by cranking up the shadows and dimming down the highlights and too much of clarity, in Photoshop.

Often while you are processing images with high dynamic range, and there happens to be two very contrasty objects in contact with each other, like a bright sky and a dark building, in that case, if you try to recover the details both in highlights and shadows by pulling down and up the sliders respectively, or increase the clarity too much, in Lightroom or Photoshop Camera RAW, you will begin to see very nasty bright or white edge glows around the edges of dark objects which are in contact with a bright area. This glow is called Halo.

Halos are something which defines a “Bad HDR”, or a “Clown Vomit” and yes, it looks dumb. In this video, we are going to learn two ways to remove and fill up those bright areas around the edges. In both the ways, having a good selection between the point of contact and the sky is necessary. Hope this video helps you!



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