Reinhold Martin – The Organisational Complex: Cybernetics, Space, Discourse

Lecture date: 1998-11-24

Reinhold Martin outlines the emergence of ‘organisation’ as a theoretical category in architecture during the post-war period in the US within a conjunction of power and knowledge dedicated to decentralised, self-regulating networks and control systems. The talk examines connections between the discourse of mathematician and originator of cybernetics Norbert Weiner, and an aesthetic and architectural discourse associated with figures such as Siegfried Giedion and Gyorgy Kepes, emphasising the theoretical and epistemological significance of the reflexive logics of self-correction.

Reinhold Martin is Associate Professor of Architecture at Columbia University. A founding editor of the journal Grey Room, he holds a PhD from Princeton University, as well as degrees from the AA and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He is also a partner in the firm of Martin/Baxi Architects.


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