Re-TROS: Pigs in the River

For Nanjing-based punk outfit Re-TROS’s latest video, director Victor Morales has created a beguiling landscape of glitched cities and distorted beasts. Responding to a recent environmental disaster when 16,000 diseased pigs were found rotting in China’s Huangpu river, the track explores the disastrous impact of human industry on the natural world.

Speaking of his distorted and disturbing visuals, Morales—a Venezuelan artist whose work has been exhibited globally—explains: “I wanted to communicate the idea that we’re all pigs, slaughtered in flooded and contaminated cities. To ramp up the video’s strangeness, I made the 3D environment react to the music itself; distorting, with each beat and vocal, the surreal city that the band are journeying through.”


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