Re-Reading Palladio – Part 1

Lecture date: 2009-03-13

On the occasion of the exhibition ‘Andrea Palladio: His Life and Legacy’, organised by the Royal Academy of Arts and the Centro Internazionale di Studi di Architettura Andrea Palladio, Vicenza, this symposium critically re-examines readings of Palladio’s architectural production – both built and written – over the last 50 years seeking to place him and his work in its historiographical context. The aim is to look at different aspects of Palladio’s continuing impact and effect, and reflect on the contemporary relevance of this distinct architectural tradition.

Brett Steele – Welcome

Marina Lathouri – Introduction

Lionel March – ‘Remarks on Quattro Libri II’

Pier Vittorio Aureli – ‘The Geopolitics of the Ideal Villa: Palladio and the project of an anti-ideal city’

Q & A with Lionel March


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