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Put new brushes in Photoshop, graphic design hacks a quick Photoshop tutorial in under one minute!
What’s up guys, today something very basic but something we all must learn at some point; how to put new brushes into Photoshop. This is a very simple but quick photoshop guide or tutorial, and it obviously works across all Photoshop programs. We all must learn these basic graphic design hacks at some point, and I want my channel to have the most basic tutorials all the way up to more advanced techniques.

You will be able to put new Photoshop brushes onto your program with ease and have them installed in a matter of seconds! Super quick time!!

I show you how to download the photoshop brushes and then how to load them and put them into Photoshop directly, all in under one minute!

This is the first video in a new series which will be uploaded every Sunday. I will be showing you guys a graphic design tip, technique or trick in under one minute.

Any ideas for future videos?? Comment in the comment section and I will look into it.

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