Prof. Branko Kolarevic – Architectural Education and Practice

This is a conversation with Branko Kolarevic.

After holding professorships at many esteemed Universities, and presidency of important organizations, he is currently the Dean of the Hillier College of Architecture and Design at New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT).

His is one of the well known names in the Computational Architecture community and his books are on the shelves of most people involved in this field:

We talked about the education of architects, academia, architectural practice, and many other things…enjoy.

0:00 – Introduction
4:30 – Are architects wanted on the market?
16:20 – Should we teach architects how to code?
22:20 – Is Parametric Design today “rational”?
29:35 – Is the architect not at the center of the project anymore?
34:45 – Working and studying at the same time?
36:00 – Should architects pursue their license?
44:30 – How is automation changing our industry?
50:25 – Google Maps metaphor and automating design
54:30 – Effects of online lessons on (physical) Universities
59:30 – Are Universities closed for people from the practice?


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