Private View: Doug Aitken – Don’t Forget to Breathe

Known for his innovative installations—and the films he creates of his pieces—regular NOWNESS contributor Doug Aitken offers a view of his latest work Don’t Forget To Breathe, which is currently tucked away in a 1960s abandoned strip mall in Hollywood.

The installation, on show to coincide with Frieze LA, focuses on human connection, or the lack thereof, as digital life takes over. The illuminated figures of three individuals—one standing, one sitting, one lying down—are glimpsed in empty shell of a former store, frozen as if time has stopped.

Light bounces from figure to figure, both connecting and alienating them from each other. “The atmosphere of the desolate storefront presents a possibility that a chapter of capitalism has completed its life cycle and we are entering the next era where the screen world mirrors the physical one,” says California-based Aitken. “The artwork explores the juxtaposition of the physical landscape and the light speed technological connectivity we now live in.”

Don’t Forget To Breathe is on view until 17 February 2019, at 6775 Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles


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