Power Prompts: “Playing Frisbee” with Codi Bear | Adobe Creative Cloud

Start your creative week on the right foot with a new drawing prompt every Monday. On Power Prompts, our goal is to empower you to break through your art block! This month’s theme is “”Dogust”” and this week’s prompt is “”Playing Frisbee””.

Feel free to post your entries on Instagram with the hashtag #adobelivepowerprompts or on the Photoshop Discord in the channel “”power-prompts””: http://bit.ly/PSdiscord

Host Codi Bear is an illustrator based in Nashville, TN:

Join us LIVE on Behance: https://www.behance.net/adobelive

00:00 Start
04:10 What is Dogust?
05:35 Instagram updates and canvas sizes
08:20 Downloading new Fresco brushes
08:50 Codi’s color palettes
20:00 illustrating environment elements
26:15 Color and branding advice
44:00 blending colors and making the painting more dynamic
46:00 Checking contrast and painting values
51:00 reviewing community submissions

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Power Prompts: “Playing Frisbee” with Codi Bear | Adobe Creative Cloud


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