Portfolio Review Ep 3 with Oliver Thomas from Bjarke Ingels Group

Oliver Thomas is today a senior Design Technology Specialist at Bjarke Ingels Group. He has had a lot of industry experience even before joining BIG. He earlier worked as a façade consultant with Fron Inc where he learnt everything about bringing complex & interesting facades to life. He joined BIG in 2018, where he first joined as a BIM specialist and slowly worked up the ranks. Olly has had a lot experience specially when it comes to various softwares and their applications in the field. So here is episode 3 of Portfolio Review with Oliver Thomas. Let me know what you thought of the video in the comments below.

01:40 – How Olly got a Job at BIG

06:56 – Tips & Advice for anybody who wants to apply to firms like BIG
11:24 – Portfolio 1
26:58 – Video Portfolios – Are they the future?
30:29 – Portfolio 2
45:13 – What to do when you have a good design but not great visuals and renders
47:20 – Portfolio 3
58:15 – Portfolio 4
01:08:32 – Portfolio 5


To send portfolios for the next episode you can mail them at [email protected] m ‘

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