Pod Vending Machine tackles demand for housing by printing modular homes

A skyscraper 3D prints modular homes and dispenses them like a vending machine in the latest instalment of our Dezeen x MINI Living Initiative video series.

The Pod Vending Machine won Malaysian designer Haseef Rafiei an honourable mention in this year’s eVolo Skyscraper Competition, which recognises innovative ideas for futuristic high-rise living.

Inspired by the popularity of vending machines in Japan, the skyscraper offers prospective homeowners the facility to customise and manufacture a modular home, which is then slotted into a high-rise framework.

Customers would be able to choose from an array of ready-to-use housing pods to design their home, based on their needs.

The home would then be manufactured on-site by a pod printer installed above the the building. Once printed, the pods are plugged into spaces in the structure below by crane arms attached to the skyscraper.

Read more on Dezeen: https://www.dezeen.com/?p=1087283

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