Pine Park Pavilion, Huangyu Village, China, by DnA_Design and Architecture (2017)

Program: Leisure/Culture/Landscape
Client: Songyang Department of River Control and Reservoir Management
Gross Floor Area: 315.65m2
Building Foot Print: 197m2

The pavilion stands next to the village of Huangyu on a paved connecting path along the Songyin River as a tourism infrastructure that enables cyclists and hikers to experience the region. The wooden structure consists of prefabricated elements, which were assembled on site, and accommodates an art installation presenting the historical production of pine resin in the neighbouring village of Huangyu. The elongated pavilion consists of four segments. The building elements are separated with glass surfaces, on which the production of resin is illustrated in an artistically alienated manner, thus giving rise to one picture in combination with the already existing group of trees around the pavilion. The simple wooden building with its clear constructive structure serves as a resting place at the dam on the river and provides information about a traditional method of producing resin. It consequently combines information about the location with a tourism infrastructure that links history and future for visitors in a playful manner.

Part of “Rural Moves – The Songyang Story, Xu Tiantian, DnA_Design and Architecture, Beijing” exhibited at the AEDES Forum, Berlin.


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