Pier Vittorio Aureli – Projects

Lecture date: 2013-03-07

The lecture, coinciding with the exhibition currently in the AA Gallery, will present projects that illustrate Dogma’s main concerns. Since 2002 Dogma has focused almost exclusively on urban projects. If the modern city was shaped by streets and roads, the studio’s project seeks a new form of urbanism made of walls. If one were to summarise life in a city and life in a building in one gesture, it would have to be that of passing through walls. Every moment of existence is a continuous movement through space defined by walls.

Pier Vittorio Aureli is an architect and educator. He teaches at the Architectural Association in London. He is the author of The Possibility of an Absolute Architecture (2011), The Project of Autonomy: Politics and Architecture Within and Against Architecture (2008, reprinted 2012) and many essays. Aureli is the co-founder of Dogma an architectural studio focused on the project of the city.


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