Photoshop Masterclass: Surreal Compositing

In this episode, Adobe Evangelist Paul Trani will show how to combine seemingly opposite photos to create something new in Photoshop. Learn how to brainstorm ideas, use Plugins to find photos, and how to compost them together using Photoshop. Learn how to use masks and adjustment layers to blend these images together for realistic results.


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00:00 Start
01:00 Paul’s prefered random generator
03:00 Accessing Adobe Stock within photoshop
04:20 Using the Object Selection tool
05:40 Quickly renaming multiple layers
06:40 Exploring the Free Transform options
07:30 Masking layers to create surreal effects
08:30 Shortcut to fill with foreground color
10:50 Licensing assets on Adobe Stock
14:40 “Cleaning Up” assets in photoshop
19:30 Using the puppet warp tool to open a crows mouth
23:50 How to Decontaminate Colors
25:40 Discussing composition and other design fundamentals
29:15 Exploring Hue and Saturation and other methods of altering photo colors
33:50 Pro tips for using adjustment layers
40:20 Accessing and using LUTs
42:30 Starting a Mother Nature design
47:20 Using blending modes with an image that has a while background
50:00 Creating a surreal portrait using masks


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