Photoshop Masterclass: Steampunk

In this episode, Paul will show how to take ordinary items and composite them together to make a futuristic steampunk scene. Learn how to mask images and manipulate them using Warp and Distort tools. Learn how to brush on shadows and highlights and match color using Curves, Levels and layer overlays. From there tie the whole scene together using Color Lookup Tables.

Paul Trani is a Principal Worldwide Evangelist for Adobe where he inspires designers everywhere to use their creativity and new technology to create compelling visuals. With over 20 years of experience across 40 countries Paul has become a sought after designer, speaker and presenter on all things design and creative related.

00:00 start
02:04 Creating a steampunk mechanical animal
03:18 Choosing fonts for Steampunk project
05:43 Adjusting layer styles
09:00 Adding rivets to text – ornamentation – creating custom brush
17:42 Beginning work on the steampunk eagle – removing bg and clean up
22:44 Adjusting eagle image with various filters – achieving chrome effect
28:05 Adding in steampunk elements to the eagle image
37:33 Adding chainmail to the steampunk eagle
46:10 Using Adobe Dimension to make the claws for the steampunk eagle
51:10 Exporting assets from Dimension
52:58 Using Illustrator to create 3D objects

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