Photoshop Masterclass: Lighting & Shadow Tricks | Adobe Creative Cloud

In this Masterclass learn how to realistically combine images by adding realistic lighting and shadows. Learn how to color correct images as well as the smartest way to “paint” shadows while keeping realism and editability. Also learn how to paint light that goes beyond just changing the layer blend mode.

00:00 Start
02:00 Quickly locate an element in a file
05:00 Exploring Adjustment Layers and Layer Masking
07:15 The Levels panel
12:00 Selecting everything on a layer
19:30 Color Look Up
21:20 Creating a background
23:00 Starting a new project
25:00 Compositing a skull into the project
29:15 Adding butterflies
30:00 Exploring the Exposure panel
31:20 Exploring the Curves panel
34:30 Exploring the Hue and Saturation panel
41:00 Bringing flowers into the project
43:10 Searching for images on Adobe Stock
44:00 Starting a new project
46:30 Using Harmonization
49:30 Puppet Warp
54:30 Reviewing today’s projects

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Photoshop Masterclass: Lighting & Shadow Tricks Adobe Creative Cloud


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