Photography Masterclass | Photoshop Tips and Tricks for Photographers

Welcome to Terry White’s Photography Masterclass, in this episode he’ll share some of his favorite Photoshop tips and tricks for photographers. Go beyond Lightroom and do more!

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00:00 Start
02:00 Stream overview
04:20 Using Camera Raw 14.2
05:25 Removing a fence from the foreground
07:00 How to draw a straight line
08:10 Cutting out a detailed element from the background
09:45 Converting your background to a layer
11:00 Adjusting the Select and Mask settings
14:00 Refining hair selection
16:20 Importing Adobe Stock photos from CC library
19:00 Creating a custom tool panel
23:40 Changing the default workspace
26:20 What happens when the CAPS Lock is turned on?
28:50 Using the navigation panel and Bird’s Eye View
30:40 Retouching old photos
33:00 Using the Colorize Neural Filter
36:00 Generating a picture frame
45:00 Using the Quick Selection tool
46:10 Accessing the brush panel and getting more brushes


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