Photography Masterclass | Hot Rodding Photoshop

Welcome to Terry White’s Photography Masterclass – In today’s class, Terry will take you through various ways of customizing Photoshop and making it your own. Custom Tool Panels, Workspaces, Menus, Keyboard Shortcuts, Actions, and more…

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00:00 Start
00:17 Introduction
03:15 Today’s topic
04:35 Customizing the workspace
07:55 Preset workspaces
10:45 Customize toolbar
17:04 Saving your toolbar
20:45 Customizing panels
22:08 Keyboard shortcuts
29:05 Color coding and customizing menus
34:42 Saving your workspace-
37:20 Interface customization
39:50 Photoshop background color
41:35 Customizing the home screen
44:40 Customizing the ruler
45:30 Adding and hiding guides
49:45 Layers panel options
52:30 Actions


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