Paul Cocksedge's chandelier for Moooi is "shaped by gravity" | Dezeen

British designer Paul Cocksedge explains how customers can configure his new Gravity Chandelier for Moooi in this video Dezeen produced for the Dutch design brand.

Cocksedge’s Gravity Chandelier for Moooi comprises a series of LED lights enclosed in crystal shades, which are attached to thin, flexible cables.

Each light is suspended from the ceiling independently so that the chandelier’s form is shaped by the gravitational pull on the cables.

“You have these really thin delicate lines that are flexible, that curve upwards to crystal components that enclose an LED light and then a really thin wire that goes up to the ceiling, enabling gravity to shape the black lines of the chandelier,” Cocksedge explained in the video.

Attached to a central ceiling rose, the flexible arms of the chandelier are embedded with electrical wiring and weighted to give the light a shape that references a traditional chandelier.

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