Patti Smith: Reading from Woolgathering

Patti Smith reads a very moving passage from her memoir Woolgathering, about her close relationship to her baby sister as well as with her spirit dog Bambi, her childhood companion with whom she shared a unique understanding and connection.

The American singer, poet and photographer Patti Smith is a living punk rock legend. In this video she reads from the chapter ‘The Woolgatherers’ from her 1992 book Woolgathering, about her beloved dog Bambi and the birth of her baby sister, when she was ten years old.

Patti Smith (b.1946) is an award-winning American punk rock musician, poet and visual artist, who became a highly influential figure in the New York City punk rock scene with her debut album ‘Horses’ in 1975. Smith fuses rock and poetry in her work, and has been dubbed the ”punk poet laureate” as well as ”the godmother of punk.” In 2007 she was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and in 2010 Rolling Stone magazine put her on the 47th place of their list of 100 Greatest Artists. Among her many albums are ’Horses’ (1975), ’Radio Ethiopia’ (1976), ’Easter’ (1978), ’Gone Again’ (1996) and ’Banga’ (2012). Smith is also the author of several books, including ’Woolgathering’ (1992), ’Just Kids’ (2010) – which won the National Book Award and describes her relationship to her lover and friend, photographer Robert Mapplethorpe – and ’M Train’ (2015).

Interview by Christian Lund, the Louisiana Literature festival in August 2012 at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art.

Edited by: Honey Biba Beckerlee
Produced by: Christian Lund
Copyright: Louisiana Channel, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

Supported by Nordea-fonden


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