P1s Laser Measuring Device Review

This video is a How to Architect REVIEW of a device from MyAntenna called the P1s, the World’s Smallest Multi-Function Laser Distance Meter. It’s smaller than my phone and has only 2 buttons.

Here’s the Indiegogo campaign and contact:

Indiegogo – https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/world-s-smallest-multi-function-laser-measure-p1s-design#/

Contact –
[email protected]

The LED screen is quite bright so it’s easy to read, and you just Hold the on off switch to turn it on. It also has an auto turn off function if you let it sit too long. What’s cool is that It automatically displays the angle at which it’s held and it takes linear measurements super quickly and stores the first if you take a second. There’s also a timer function. One of the ways this comes in handy is if there are no vertical termination points for the laser. In this case you go to the distance you’d like a measure to, and hold up a flat object within the 10 second timer limit. There’s an mirror accessory that comes with the unit and when you attach it a magnet sensor turns it into a device you can measure heights with. When you click the menu button you can scroll through a variety of setting. You can set the units for measuring, metric and english. You can also tell it where to read a dimension from, the front of the unit or back of the unit. This comes in handy if you want to measure from the front edge of an object or hold it against an object like a wall. It’s also a super powerful leveling device, and it determines areas, volumes, or get the third side of a triangle even if it doesn’t have a right angle. Overall the device is incredibly powerful for its size and from what I can see has functionalities that other laser tools in the category simply don’t. The only challenge I had was that I found it to be slightly less accurate than the 2mm deviation they claimed and that was only with dimensions under 8”. I know there are even more powerful tools out there for architects and measuring buildings, but this is a great intermediary tool and I just did an existing conditions project and it was twice as fast as using a tape measure in my experience.


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