Overcome Fears, Insecurity, Feeling Overwhelmed & Start Posting on Social Media

Should you use personal or business accounts when posting on social media? Keep it separate? What should you post? How can I not let negative feedback affect me?

Co-host Melinda Livsey is back for ep. 3 as she wants advice about how to get her social media game on point.

Be passionate about the things you make, but be objective and detached after you finish it.

Melinda Livsey (co-host)
Marks & Maker

Show Your Work book recommend:
Show Your Work


01:10 Do I use personal social media accounts for business?
02:58 When you make something, be passionate about it, but once you put it out in the world, detach from it as if it were someone else’s
04:24 You can grow much faster if you observe other people’s social media accounts
06:06 Focus and deliver value. Curate work like a magazine editor. Be consistent.
08:50 The secret to gaining a social following is to give value.
10:55 Share your process and your journey to discover impactful moments
12:00 Try to post once a day, and observe the level of engagement
13:34 Should I share something new on single focused accounts?
16:00 You need different strategies for different platforms
18:35 Your design skills and training to help attract viewers
20:44 Tell your story to let people connect and identify with you.
21:35 Find somebody you like and deconstruct their process
21:59 I’m worried about being called out or judged. What should I do?
23:25 Reframe the Objection: Filter out the opinions and pay attention to the constructive critique
25:50 Nothing we do is original – everything you’ve done, is a reflection of what you have experienced
29:22 What about copyright horror stories?
30:40 Stop focusing on the no’s because the no’s will get you nowhere
32:00 Get over the idea of “ownership”
34:20 Melinda summarizes next steps and action items

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