Offsetting Multiple Faces in SketchUp at Once – SketchUp Plugin of the Week #7

Offsetting Multiple Faces in SketchUp at Once – SketchUp Plugin of the Week #7

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Short Intro
As you start working with more advanced shapes in SketchUp, sometimes you need the ability to offset multiple faces at once, or the ability to offset edges multiple times with the same tool. This plugin allows you the ability to do both of these things.
Plugin Name: Multiple Offsets
Plugin Developer: Sam D Mitch
How Much does it cost? Free! Please donate to your developers.
Where do you get it?
You can get it through Sketchucation’s extension store. You can also download it by visiting
Tool Functions
This tool contains the functionality to do a couple different things.
The first thing this tool allows you to do is offset multiple faces at once. To do this, simply select multiple faces, then select the tool. This allows a lot of interesting options, especially when dealing with round or circular objects.
The second thing this tool allows you to do is to create multiple offsets at once. If you want to offset an edge multiple times by a fixed distance or a variable distance, this tool allows you to do that.
The tool can be set to offset items both inside and outside your current shapes.
This tool gives you three options for offsetting – Constant, Formula, or List.
Constant lets you offset objects by a fixed (or constant) dimension.
Formula allows you to offset by a mathematical formula.
List allows you to offset by a listed number of dimensions, as well as by multiples of a list. For example, if you wanted to repeat offsets of 1”, then 2” by a certain number of times.
Usefulness/Functionality – 5/5
This plugin contains a nice set of tools that extend SketchUps offset abilities.
Value – 5/5
This plugin is free and it works. I’d usually encourage you to donate to the developer. However, no link seems to exist to download to him at this point.
Ease of Use/Documentation – 3/5
When I first used this plugin, I didn’t understand how to use the formula and list options. However, if you go to the author’s forum post on SketchUcation, he gives you a quick runthrough of how these tools work. I will link to this post at .
Overall score – 13/15.
This plugin offers a large number of functions to extend SketchUp’s offset tool. It can be a huge timesaver, and also offers you a lot of new options for being creative in SketchUp.
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