OFFSET: Illustration with Anna Daviscourt

Join Anna Daviscourt, professional illustrator and live streamer, as she illustrates an original piece of art. Learn illustration techniques and discuss developing a unique art style in this special OFFSET 2-hour segment.

Guest Anna Daviscourt is an artist and educator based in Portland, Oregon:

Host Ryan Selvy is a live streaming Motion Designer in New York City:

Join us LIVE on Behance:
00:00 Start
02:00 What is OFFSET with Ryan Selvy?
08:15 Who is Anna Daviscourt?
14:00 Plans for Day 1
18:30 The value of using base colors and Anna’s coloring process
28:00 Which brushes does Anna use
31:50 A closer look at Anna’s layers
33:00 The #36DaysOfType segment
51:50 Ryan’s creative education history
55:30 Using the Clear brush mode
58:20 Color Theory advice
01:00:15 MONKEY PAWS and other artist stretches
01:06:00 “What’s in your sketchbook?”
01:14:15 Brightening photos with adjustment layers
01:20:10 A message on 36DaysOfType from Seema Surana
01:24:50 More on Fresco brushes
01:27:15 Does Anna use Photoshop and Fresco?
01:31:15 ART TALK: Mary Blair
01:41:00 ART TALK: Lily Williams
01:47:00 Support living artists
01:48:30 Experimenting with Blending Modes


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