NYC is Dead?

New books, articles and social media posts abound proclaiming the death of New York, portraying the metropolis as a cultural wasteland laid barren by chain stores, luxury condos and neoliberalism; while ample evidence exists to support these claims, evidence also exists to refute them with the emergence of new cultural institutions, grassroots arts organizations, and population growth surpassing projections, all of which begs us to ask in this panel, is New York dead?

Risa Shoup, Kevin Baker, José Esparza Chong Cuy, and Galia Solomonoff in conversation with Vishaan Chakrabarti.

Presentation of student work from the Spring 2019 Seminar “Questions in Urbanism” by Zena Mariam Seyoum Mengesha (’19 M.Arch) and Amanpreet Singh Duggal (’19 MSAUD).