NTS Wonderful Waste – From Waste Fabric to Designer Tiles

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Professor Veena Sahajwalla, affectionately known as the ‘Queen of Waste’, grew up in Mumbai experiencing the possibilities for waste, and she’s since devoted her life to devising new ways to recycle as much as possible. She got her start inventing ‘green steel’ a steelmaking process that requires no new metal, and uses waste tires to replace cola. Now, in a basement lab in Sydney, Veena is inventing radical new ways to break e-waste down to its basic molecules and finally make circuit boards truly recyclable, and helping tackle fabric and mattress waste by giving it a new future as bathroom tile. While you may not see her work day to day, Veena is changing the shape of recycling around the world.

Supported by Screen Australia

Veena Sahajwalla & UNSW – https://www.smart.unsw.edu.au/

Produced by New Mac Video Agency
Directed by: Colin Chee
Producer: Luke Clark
Cinematographer: Simon Davies
Editor: Jessica Ruasol

Music: When You Are, Closer Kicktracks
Purple, On Wave
Distant Islands, Evgeny Bardyuzha
Unlearning, Jonny Hughes
Never enuff, 544004.beat
Coves, Lake Union
Hollow, Skygaze
Blue Beings, Tamuz Dekel
Run, Tristan Barton


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